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4 Reasons To Focus On Online Reviews in 2017

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4 Reasons To Focus On Online Reviews in 2017

4.Online Reputation Matters More Than Ever

Let’s take a moment to remind everyone how important the internet is in the modern time. Almost everyone has a Google and a Facebook account (grandparents included) at the very least. Also as likely is that the very same majority of the populations searches a company’s online reviews before calling or shopping there.
Bad news? If you have no reviews or just a few mixed reviews, your company gets booted for the “better” option.  Good news? It’s fixable. If your online reputation is full of glowing recommendations, you’re going to get more business.

3.Negative Reviews Are Costing You Money

Have you ever Googled a business before you called them for a service? Chances are you have, and chances are so have your potential customers. Being steeped in negative reviews will mean that customers will skip over your business to go to one with a positive score. The point is, even good businesses can lose money with a few well-placed negative reviews. Don’t let that one negative review be what stops customers from calling your business, and see how to respond to all of your reviews.

2.Your Customers Want To Leave You Positive Reviews

You run a great company. Most customers will say “yes” when asked if they would reccomend your business to a friend. unfortunately, it is human nature to complain loudly and praise quietly. So, make it simple for customers to leave a review externally or give feedback on an internal platform without having to for you. In 2017, have the praise for your company louder than anything else.

1.Online Reviews Can Help 2017 Be Your Most Successful Year Yet

New year, new you? How about new year, new rating! If you’re tired of those same 2 reviews dragging your business’s rating down, it’s time do take action against it! Responding to reviews, asking customers to leave you positive reviews, and making it super easy for them to do so will leave your company with a better reputation than ever. Better ratings gives potential customers the foundation of trust with your business, which means more business for you! Be the best rated company in 2017, SurveyLocal can help you!

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