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3 Things Survey Automation Can Do For You

By July 7, 2017 No Comments
SurveyLocal automation allows business owners to integrate with their CRM or accounting software to reach out to customers with a review request as soon as the job is completed. Here’s the three top reasons you should have your reviews automated.

1. Automation saves you time

We know you’re busy. When it comes to extra marketing efforts, time and efficiency are important. That’s why we’ve created an automated system linking directly to your customer database. This allows a customer to receive a personalized email and or text as soon as the job is completed with no manual effort required. Put reviews on autopilot and save time so you can get back to doing what you do best, running your business.

2. Automation will lead to higher response rates

The sooner a review request is sent, the better the chance is that the customer will respond. With manual import, an immediate reach-out is difficult and unlikely to continue over time. With SurveyLocal, you can choose when in the sales process is best to gather customer feedback. Happy, recent customers will be more likely to respond and you will also have the opportunity to intercept negative customer feedback. With your increased customer service, you will grow your recurring client base.

3. Get Positive Reviews, Fast

If you have an increased response rate, you will get more online reviews. Having SurveyLocal integrated with your customer management system is the best way to get 5-star Google reviews within minutes of completing the work! This means more relevant online reviews that will attract new customers.

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