Here’s The 5 Ways To Improve Your Online Reviews

By June 26, 2017 No Comments

By now, most business owners know that having good online reviews is important to growing business. But what do you do if your a business owner and your company already has some bad reviews and it is now effecting your bottom line? Here’s the 5 ways that you can reverse the effects of a bad rating

  1. Respond to your existing reviews

    You may see a review and think “what’s the point?” in responding to the review. Well there’s a lot of reasons that business owners should take the time to respond to both good and bad online reviews. It all boils down to showing customers -new and existing- that the business cares about the customer experience.
    A good response to a negative review can help potential customers look over the bad response when considering your business. Here’s some tips on how to do it.


  2. Take feedback into consideration

    When you lose a customer it can seem a lot like a break-up. Sometimes it’s amicable, sometimes there are hurt feelings, and sometimes it’s not them… it’s you.
    Before you can rebound from a bad review rating you have to address what led to the bad experience in the first place. The best opportunity for you to catch weaknesses in your business is to gather feedback before a negative review is posted online. SurveyLocal allows customers give their feedback, and request to be contacted by a manager before posting a review publicly.


  3. Frequently ask customers for reviews

    There’s a simple way to get happy customers to leave you a positive online review.. ask. And ask often. The more often and the closer to service that you ask a customer, the more likely they will actually leave a review.


  4. Send customers to the sites that matter the most

    Picking your review site priorities is key to increasing your online review score. SurveyLocal is a tool that allows you to pick the sites that mean the most to you, the sites you either want to reverse the effects of existing negative reviews or a blank slate you’d like to build up.
    More than that, SurveyLocal has an account detection system that will register which of your account priorities customers are signed into, and will direct them instantly to leave a positive review.


  5. Know instantly when a new review gets posted.

    One of the most important parts of online review management is to be aware when a new review gets posted. Being aware of a positive, or more importantly a negative review, will allow you to respond and react accordingly before the response gets stale

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