Why You Want Customers to Review Your Business

By June 30, 2016 No Comments

customer-service-1433642_640We live in a time where every persons opinions can be seen by millions in an instant; artists and children go viral for their skills, stores will instantly sell out of a product a celebrity was posted wearing, and business can be made or torn apart by online reviews. Now, potential customers will check for online reviews before choosing a company and 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. It is likely that the majority of new customers a business receives will have searched for reviews beforehand.

There are two types of customers who leave online reviews. There are those who thought the service was spectacular and want to leave a good not for the company, and there are those who are unhappy about the service provided and want to warn others of it and have their voices heard. All too often it is the negative reviews that stand out amongst all the rest, and a mistake the owner may not have even known about can damage the reputation on the company. Luckily, the amount of happy customers a business has usually outweighs the unhappy ones. The trick is to make it easy and rewarding for a customer to leave a positive review.

That is where SurveyLocaarrows-1412061_640l comes in. By answering a two question drawing, your customers will be entered into a $100 drawing paid by us and be lead directly to the review site of your choosing. Not only will customers be happy to answer a simple survey, but their reviews can lead to an increase of revenue for your business. For instance, a recent study by Harvard Business School claims that in the case of Yelp, a full star increase in rating can increase a companies revenue by at least 5%.

Clearly, online reputation management is a must for succeeding in the market today. Just as important in gaining online reviews is knowing what customers are saying about you. monitoring every blog post, social media channel, and review channel is impossible to do. SurveyLocal has implemented Pulse, a program that not only allows you to track every mention and review seen, but also respond to customers in real time. Letting your customers know that you care can lead to positive recommendations, and potentially save a client that would have been lost without due diligence.

Your customers want to be heard, give them an incentive to do so. With SurveyLocal, your customers will find an easy way to recommend your company to others, and legitimate place to air their grievances to be seen and responded to by the owner.

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