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AutomationGetting Online Reviews
July 7, 2017

3 Things Survey Automation Can Do For You

SurveyLocal automation allows business owners to integrate with their CRM or accounting software to reach out to customers with a review request as soon as the job is completed. Here's the three top reasons you should have your reviews automated. 1. Automation saves you time We know you're busy. When…
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Getting Online ReviewsReviews Tips
January 13, 2017

4 Reasons To Focus On Online Reviews in 2017

4 Reasons To Focus On Online Reviews in 2017 4.Online Reputation Matters More Than Ever Let's take a moment to remind everyone how important the internet is in the modern time. Almost everyone has a Google and a Facebook account (grandparents included) at the very least. Also as likely is…
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Getting Online ReviewsReviews Tips
August 12, 2015

What Sites Are Consumers Using the Most For Online Reviews

Before starting any marketing campaign, an important first step is to find out where consumers are.  This will save many marketing dollars, and of course, time.  This is no different with online reviews. The obvious reason is because you want to make sure those online reviews don’t go to waste. …
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Customer FeedbackGetting Online ReviewsReviews Tips
July 29, 2015

How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Online Reviews

There is no denying the powerful benefits of online reviews. But, you are missing out on many opportunities if you are not re-purposing them to maximize those benefits. Here are the 3 easiest ways to maximize the positive benefits on online reviews: Respond to all online reviews Responding to your…
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Getting Online ReviewsUncategorized
July 1, 2015

How Many Online Reviews Do You Need?

There are two different topics to discuss before determining the necessary quantity of online reviews needed for a business. While online reviews play many roles, the affects most pursued by small business owners are higher conversion of potential customers and a boost in SEO. Regardless of whether a customer searches…
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Consumer Buying ProcessGetting Online Reviews
June 24, 2015

How Heavily Do Consumers Weigh Online Reviews

The average business owner understands that positive reviews can be a good thing and negative reviews a bad thing.  But the effect of online reviews is becoming far more apparent as studies come out showing the effect on a business' bottom line. Online reviews play a large role in more…
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Getting Online ReviewsLocal Search
June 10, 2015

The Most Important Google Ranking Factors

Making sure your potential customers  can find you, is a delicate task.  In the last blog post, we determined that 71% of search users value local search results and actively use these results, and Google is the #1 tool for online search. So how do you make sure Google shows your company…
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Getting Online Reviews
May 22, 2015

3 ways to increase online reviews from your happy customers

1. Collect feedback from as many customers as possible Catch customers from their mobile device, computer, or in person through the multiple methods offered by SurveyLocal. Every customer is a possible online review, and the feedback you get from your customers can be used for a variety of other things;…
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